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The Golf Performance Program is only for competitive athletes looking to push themselves to the next level. Programs will be individually tailored to meet the demands of competitive golf. Focus will be placed on intense sport specific exercises to optimize performance and create strength that minimizes injury. The Golf Performance Program is perfect for high school athletes, college athletes, club pros, or tour members looking to maximize potential.

· One on one or small team groups only.

· Each athlete will be assessed individually.

· Sessions will incorporate advanced training in strength and flexibility, while focusing on instruction  in proper technique to minimize training injuries.

· One on one sessions will last for 30 minutes, teams will last for 1 hour.

· Ages 12 and up only please, and parents must be present during instruction for anyone under the age of 18.

· $150 each for initial assessment, $75 for 6 week reassessments.

·  $50 per session per person.

· $100 per person for Titleist Pro Site Membership (optional)

· Packages will be based on length of program.

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Golf Performance Program