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Comprehensive Golf Performance

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Two-some and fours-some programs allow for one on one attention on a budget. Detailed physical assessments will be performed for everyone in the group. Exercise programs will be based off of the individual physical assessment to allow your body to perform at its best when performing the golf swing.

 Assessment sessions will last for 45 minutes.

 Series of 8 30-minute exercise sessions.

 Learn the benefits of exercises that address strength, power, flexibility and balance as they pertain to your specific physical assessment.

 Initial assessment will be $200 for two-somes groups, $300 for four-somes groups.

 Exercise sessions will be $60 for two-somes ($30 per person), $80 for four-somes ($20 per person).

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 Two-somes $600

 Four-somes $900

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Two-somes and Four-somes