LYF Concepts Golf Fitness Programs

Comprehensive Golf Performance

Pick Your Shot…

I welcome golfers of all abilities to the group classes. Classes will be broken down into specific exercises to address key parts of the golf swing; posture, flexibility, power, and balance. Bring your friends and join the fun.

Group Golf Fitness Classes

Two-somes and four-somes are perfect for those golfers who want more one on one attention at a budget conscious price. Each golfer will have a physical screening and will be given specific exercises to strengthen those limitations.

2-somes and 4-somes

Need the extra power in your golf swing? Need the extra flexibility to make that full turn? Tired of nagging injuries that slow you down? The Golf Fitness program will exceed your expectations and give you true results on the course.

Golf Fitness Program

Text Box: The Performance Program is for the competitive athlete who wants to be the best. Advanced training to improve power, flexibility, balance, and endurance, while reducing injuries through pre-habilitative strength training. Become the best you can be.

Golf Performance Program